The purpose of this website and why I started the project.


There are multiple resources provided free of charge and will add more insha'Allah.

Currently there are only a few resources available since it's taking me a lot of time, but insha'Allah I will add more as I have more free time.

  • Free Islamic website templates.
  • Responsive to work on desktop and mobile.

More Islamic templates will be added as they are completed. To speed up the process, I either modify open-source templates or use responsive frameworks to speed up development.

Please share this with any Masjid, Islamic Center, or Muslim group to help them start a modern Islamic website quickly.


Insha'Allah this will bring good deeds :)

The main reason I decided to provide this service is to help the Islamic community on the internet. The majority of Islamic websites I've seen on the internet are either outdated, ugly, not responsive, or just plain frustrating to navigate. There are numerous free resources on the internet that provide free website templates for companies, businesses, and blogs, but I haven't seen this being provided to the Muslim community. So insha'Allah the free templates on this website will help resolve this issue.

  • Prayer times added to all templates.
  • Easy to setup, modify, and go-live.

Please share this with the Muslim community :)

My only request is that you donate to charity with the intention of it being on my behalf if you are able to. It doesn't have to be in my name, I just want the good deeds :)


These are the default terms for all free resources provided on this website.

Non-profit - free to use, modify, or share freely. The contents of this website are not for sale or to be modified to be resold, but you have permission to modify and share freely.

  • Free to use, modify, or share for Masjids and Islamic Centers.
  • Not to be sold or modified to be sold.

Businesses - if you're a business, please contact me for a custom website.


Send me a message.

The contact form is currently not active, but I will update it once I have more free time.


More content will be added.

(I am not affiliated with charity organizations.)

Free Templates

Free Islamic website templates are available to download. More templates will be added and I will also be taking requests.

Prayer Times

Prayer times are added to every template provided from this website.

Prayer Times Template

I will also write a tutorial and provide a template for users to add Prayer times to your website.


Once a few templates are completed, digital resources such as Islamic flyers, icons, and cards will be added.


Right now I'm the only developer, but insha'Allah this will grow and more developers will begin to contribute.

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Free Islamic Templates


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Free Islamic Templates


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Free Islamic Templates


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Free Islamic Templates

Proper Misfit :)

Share it with peace